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Somatic Tension From Stressful Relationship Dynamics
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Hi, I'm Petya..

I am a Somatic Therapist and Spiritual Mentor for conscious women who lead  a household and a business. I am passionate about teaching people how to use their body to process difficult emotions, set solid boundaries and communicate effectively with the people in their life.

I used to find myself in physically and emotionally unavailable relationships, with people who ended up either, cheating, abusing or completely ghosting on me. Yes, all of those patterns kept repeating over and over again for years… UNTIL, I discovered my default relationship settings and changed them. 

My body had all the symptoms (body tension, digestive issues, skin rashes, fatigue) and nothing I did offered long lasting results, including counselling and natural medicine approaches.. until I focused on the somatic healing. 

Currently, I'm in a loving and committed relationship with my husband of 8 years, but it hasn't always been a smooth ride.. We've had to deal with some highly emotional situations. We are a blended, interracial family with large gaps between children. We live in Toronto, Canada with our two daughters - a toddler and a teenager (need I say more :)

Inside this resource,  I’ll share some of the somatic tools and practices that have worked for me, and that I see are helping so many of my clients.

Regardless of your sexual or gender preference, this is about identifying old relational patterns you’ve picked up early on in your life, that are still lodged inside of you and are making you uncomfortable. How can you be sure what they are?

Let’s scan your body to find out!

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