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(Practice trauma sensitive tools and body oriented practices for regulating your nervous system .. and help your children to do the same)
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Hey, Im Petyah!

I invite you to join one of my Somatic Healing Circles to experience a safe space as I share my unique approach for healing and repairing your body and relationships. I want to help you navigate difficult emotional states, to regulate and repair your nervous system, to understand why effective communication is more than just words - it's about the energy of Self Expression, and to support you in creating that safe space for your family and community. 

I'm going to share with you what I know, that's helped my clients heal past trauma, overcome stressful family dynamics and sustain the healing way beyond therapy sessions. I have 15 + years of professional training and experience as a Trauma Informed Somatic Therapist and I've been able to help people heal the physical body, as well as current or past trauma from toxic situations. 

Im here to help you embody the most empowered version of yourself, communicate with confidence and lead in a way that is calm, conscious and connected

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Wednesday, APRIL 6th, 2022 
at 1 pm EST
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